I have developed a real passion for original expressions of faith in sacred art and I enjoy the challenges posed by restoration work as well. This gallery page displays excerpts of breadth of work in various mediums.

Most of the items in this page were commissioned. A customer typically asks for a project design to meet a specific need. Once the customer is satisfied with the design, I’ll produce the work or collaborate with the contractor (or both) to fulfill the requirement. Take the small chapel for example (#2 and #3 above)—a small stone storage room (old cistern) needed to be made into a liturgical space.



Designing the space, I worked closely with the contractor to ensure the outcome. The altar base was sculpted from a dead oak tree trunk and the altar top was fashioned from a dead cedar harvested on the owner’s property.  The cross and the large image surrounds (frames for the images) were made from the same tree to fit the odd spacing above the tabernacle. The corpus (body) on the cross was made of resin and airbrushed with layered acrylic.  Generally, my goal is to maintain the character of the overall setting unless the customer requests a total makeover.